X.O.X.O to you Disney

The Infamous Spaghetti Kiss

The Infamous Spaghetti Kiss

Happy Saint Valentines Day – and a Sweet and Spicy one at that! Here’s to YOU. Yes, you, reading this right now.

I wanted to share a FAVORITE Disney ‘love’ moment of all time. The Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Kiss. Yes we all know it, and thanks Disney writers and animation crew for making it an unforgettable classic kiss. I mean for heaven sake they are dogs!  Below is a link that was passed on to me due to my love/obsession for this favorite Disney movie of mine! It’s very well written and I had to share it! SO enjoy this beautiful journey back into your childhood where the spaghetti kiss started it all for us in hopes that we too, one day, would share in such a paramount moment 🙂

An Ode to the Spaghetti Kiss

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I Must-ache you…

Red-Velvet-Puppy-Chow-669x1024 Mustache-Cupcakes-YCC-814x1024

 I’m a lover of baking. No new discovery here! Although my habits of eating are healthy and that of an obsessed organic, farmer’s market, Whole Foods and Sprouts type gal… I have my vice. BAKING! (I have to add working out is one of them too… but that’s more of a lifestyle.) If you have a vice of any kind you know what I mean. Now, with that said, let’s not confuse this baking vice with a “sweets” “candy” obsession. I actually, surprisingly dislike candy. ha.

So, with today’s blurb I leave you with two awesome treats {spiced up for V-day}, that I know anyone in your life may “die” to try this Feb. 14th.

Here’s the links to heavenly sweet treats made by Lizzy…

1. Red Velvet Puppy Chow – a riskier and loving take on Puppy Chow. (If you have no idea what Puppy Chow is I am sorry …and also grateful to introduce you to the best snack for anywhere and anytime EVER.)


2. ‘His’ Mustache Cupcakes – ‘chocolatey’ yumminess with a little spice of distinguished humor.


Enjoy… and please share with me your thoughts on such wonderful recipes! I’ll be baking these for sure this week!!! Happy share your love day… {almost.} 🙂

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Three little words…

Three little words...

 It’s February! My mom’s birth month and of course…yes, it’s that special day of the year where you get to show some extra lovin’ towards those you hold dear to your hearts. The day of love…Saint Valentines day.

 Don’t be scared of this overly commercially manufactured holiday. Yes it can be overdone, but honestly, if you truly hate this holiday you should probably rethink the relationship(s) you are in! This world needs more recognized days of love, courtship, and romance! Don’t hate on love – (nice little oxymoron there.) Take some time to tell those you love how much you cherish them, tell your gf she’s beautiful, bake some cupcakes/goodies for your man. And if you are single… GREAT – go mingle! WITH OTHERS! No one wants to be alone on V-day. Embrace the ONE day you get to focus on sharing the love. Be reminded of why you are who you are and who helped you in this journey! So go spread it! Pay it forward. Celebrate life, celebrate you, and celebrate love! Say those three little words – (and maybe a little something extra – I mean HECK! it’s only one day!)

#Spreadthelove #Loveforever

No Pain, No Gain

No Pain, No Gain

Sore Today = A Stronger Tomorrow…

Today I am SORE. ( I really am.)  This is a common statement amongst athletes or any hard-core workout guru! Being an athlete/dancer myself I am constantly in pain. I know that sounds strange, but I’m pretty sure if your job requires you to be in shape and continually keep up in the ever-changing form of  your ‘art’ than you understand that this is…normal. So with that said, I am lucky enough to be able to keep myself in shape and healthy each day due to my line of work!

Not only do I teach and workout during my job, I have also joined this primal workout training boot camp called Amenzone! Similar to what most people these days flock to…CrossFit. However, the camaraderie, support and goals within this program are incredible. I want to strongly recommend this program to anyone, to try it out and see how such a program can change your lifestyle. Amenzone is a program and foundation that raises awareness and money to help in fighting childhood obesity. It is a place where the physical and spiritual co-exist. Where movement is life and mind and body are one.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

Check out their website and get involved! Stay healthy and promote change within yourself. Like the picture says… #NoPainNoGain!


Happiness is available 7 days a week…

Finding Beauty

Balloons, Beach, Beauty, Freedom, Happiness…

A little moral love for the day and something to think on…

In the 28 years I have walked this earth I find that most people work so hard and search so long to find happiness. A universal search amongst us all that honestly in my opinion shouldn’t be so hard!  What is happiness to you? What is beauty? Why are these so misunderstood and misrepresented in today’s society. So many answers, I’m sure. To me being happy makes you beautiful. PERIOD.

This year I choreographed a routine at the dance studio I work for called Finding Beauty. It’s a beautiful dance on external vs. internal beauty and how beauty should be seen from the inside out. Not just what you see in the mirror each day. I think it’s important to teach our youth what beauty is and steer them away from the materialism that drives most of this country!

Clearly, this is impossible to avoid but we can still guide these growing souls in the right direction! I will be the first to admit I feel lost without my iPhone 5, I love my MAC make-up that adds a glow to my face, and I choose to dress trendy and with some flair! (Love me some Burberry and Michael Kors glam!) However, this doesn’t change the way I treat people or the way I see myself.

Happiness is available 7 days a week… find it within and share with the world!

#ForeverHappy #ForeverBeautiful

“Think left and think right…

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” ~ Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess had it all figured out. His simplicity and altruistic writings never get old. Timeless quotes that shouldn’t ever be overlooked! Life is simple if you let it be. Here’s to you Dr. Seuss for keeping us #foreveryoung.