Happy New Year 2013!

Hi! That’s me…Natalie, and just like the other however many hundreds of thousands of bloggers there are, I love to write. I will keep this About Me section less verbose as I’m sure it could be. I mean this isn’t a blog on my biography. So, here goes.

I was born in Brazil (yay cool!) ya, i know weird I’m actually extremely white and blonde and no one ever believes me when I tell them I’m from there. ha. I have two sisters one of them, Tiffany, is literally my other half, yes, we are twins, and my little sister (who is taller than both my sister and I) is the best thing that ever happened to my life. My mom and dad are wonderful parents and raised us to be pretty much angel children and therefore I have no crazy funny ‘bad girl’ stories at all to tell. NONE. Perfect childhood. Perfect ‘school-hood’. (Yes I’m pounding on my soap box here.) Some might say boring. But then again, it’s all about morals and choices. I guess I’ve just always made the right ones…so far.

With that said I have started up #ForeverSocial to engage different personalities and add to the social media world what I may! I mean it is taking over the Internet! I extend you all to enjoy my blogs on pretty much an “anything goes” type of writing forum. I love to help people, give advice, share in public discussion on the most current issues that plague our world, and gossip about shows like the Bachelor or what the next fashion trend might be! ANYTHING GOES.

Be social and comment away!


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