Dreams do come true!


I visited a coffee shop today – Village Coffee Roastery – it is the most phenomenal coffee place that let me tell you… They actually roast their own coffee beans! Yes, once a week they roast their own in-house. Of course, I am biased sharing the citizenship of the booming country Brazil, to me, they ultimately have the BEST coffee in the world at every place in every city.ha!

Moving forward, my mind is now filled with thoughts of my trip to Brazil… so back to my message… at this roastery they have unique stickers they give out to us ‘coffee lovers’ for the hot coffee lids to protect us from spilling any of that amazing-ness… And today… I found a sticker as I was fixing my Iced Americano…and it said a great motivational quote that I feel people should be reminded of everyday… “Dreams do come True!”
We all need to remember why we are living the life we live and how we have chosen to live it. Everyone has a dream (big or small) and those dreams can be turned into a reality if you work hard and continue to believe in yourself!

#walkintruth #dreambig


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