T-minus ZERO… remodel and The Bachelor…

Yes TWO totally different subjects… but two topics that commence and/or conclude today!

1. I can finally say with extreme excitement that ORONTCF – operation remodel of Nat and Tiffs Condo floors – has commenced! TODAY! Hoo-ray!  This is a 3-day remodel and the tile and carpet will be removed first, along with all the base boards. (Really hoping I won’t have to repaint my walls. AHHHH).  When I return to my humble abode… it will be in demo mode…aka..A MESS! Or as I put it earlier today a load of awesome crap. ha!  I do have to say the two men working in our place currently are  VERY EXPERIENCED however, some strapping young men was what I thought would be tearing apart our place! Such inspirations since they are semi-retired and still so HANDY!


2. WHO WILL IT BE?!  Catherine or Lindsay… if you watch the Bachelor on ABC than you know what I am referring to… YES it’s finale night. The night where Sean chooses who he wants to spend forever with…or in most circumstances the next few months. ha. Hoping for the best tonight for whomever he chooses. Here’s my prediction for this reality-TV love…

He SHOULD choose Linsday… but he WILL choose Catherine. WE will see how this plays out.  Who do you think is the final pick!?

#Finalenight #Whowillitbe


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