When the employees know you at Home Depot…

 My remodeling items...In the holding area... my garage.

My remodeling items…In the holding area… my garage.

T-minus 3 days til – ORONATC – commences.

Here’s my intriguing story for the day…

Not sure if this is a cool concept or not. Let me set-up this scenario for you. I have been into this DIY Home Depot about 5 or 6 times in the last 2 weeks.  Yes I have spoken with a few employees – one of which considers me to be the most patient woman he’s ever met. EVER. (Probably because most people are rude and can’t stand waiting more than 2 freaking minutes to get helped.) I walk in today, buy the Black Jack underlayment necessary for the cushion under laminate hardwood and the thresholds needed. As I am checking out at the register, I hear, “Hey, how’s it going!? How did the paint workout for you?” – Home Depot Employee. Yes there it was. I am known at Home Depot. ha! Go me.

Now, let me get to the update of where I am at in my remodel. I have painted the main wall in our condo and that in itself was a workout. ONE WALL. I have emptied and cleared out most cabinets and furniture that will need to be moved during this 3-day installation. I am super ready for this process and CANNOT WAIT (huge caps) for this horrific carpet and tile to be removed. Still minor little things to wrap up but that I will do this weekend.

Here is the brand and color of the laminate wood floors that I chose! Soon to be a new addition in the Varty home.  I still need a new sectional sofa…any thoughts?

Maraba Hickory

#remodel #tminus3days


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