Before… as in OLD…

Before as in OLD...

Here are the BEFORE photos… a.k.a… the above ugliness is what has been currently haunting my eyes the last couple years and I cannot wait to be rid of it! I feel as if a house warming party will be necessary after this remodel is finished! Let me update you!

It’s happening! I have to say I am ever so excited for this remodel to begin! I had a very successful last few days of planning and found a beautiful laminate wood flooring named Maraba Hickory at Home Depot the DIY home store! As I shuffled through the aisle today I also learned that the price on this flooring went down today (two days ago it was priced at $1.50 per sq. ft) and today it’s $1.39! What a wonderful price change on the one color I wanted! Woooo! I have officially ordered the amount needed and can pick it up this weekend. I ended up purchasing my load (35 cases) at the Mesa Riverview Home Depot as the one closest to me didn’t have the full amount of cases that I needed in the estimate I was given from my installer.

March 11-13 will be the end of this mess pictured above and I will have much more exciting AFTER pictures to share! I will also be painting one of my living room walls this weekend — another necessary project and am excited to get this done too! Changes are upon me this month of March! Shall I say MARCH MADNESS!?

Now, to find a new Sofa sectional… hmmm…

#LoveRemodeling #NewChanges #MarchMadness


One thought on “Before… as in OLD…

  1. Place is lookin’ good, sister!! You did a beautiful job on the painting of the wall!!! Good job- wish I had more time to help you, although you don’t seem to need it! Love you.

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