My Remodeling… step-by-step…

Brazilian Cherry Floors is where I'm leaning...

My Future Floors…at least this is what I’m imagining!

I’ve decided to take on a new project and will be updating my blog with a step-by-step and ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ recap of my dealings with the remodel of my main living quarters!

I currently live in a beautifully gated condominium complex, 2BD 2BR and have enjoyed 4 years here with my sister as my roommate. I have decided it’s 2013 and it’s time for a change! Also, I absolutely despise the carpet in the living and dining room and cannot wait to have it ripped up and have laminate wood floors installed! Along with this dreadful carpet, I also will be ripping out the ceramic tile in the kitchen. Pictures of this beautiful Before and After changes will come later!

I am very excited to share this remodel experience with you all and hope that with this I can help anyone who is also looking to remodel as well! I am in the beginning stages and will be having an installer come to measure within the next week so I can than move forward in picking out the laminate wood floors for my place at Floor & Decor in Arizona (recommended by the installer as a more reasonable option with much more selection than most flooring companies).

Just in my beginning research… DON’T assume that all companies DO ALL THE WORK for you. HA! I will be picking out my own wood, ordering the amount of sq ft. needed and then will have to have it picked up and brought to my place when the install process begins!

That’s it for now. Wish me luck.

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