I Must-ache you…

Red-Velvet-Puppy-Chow-669x1024 Mustache-Cupcakes-YCC-814x1024

 I’m a lover of baking. No new discovery here! Although my habits of eating are healthy and that of an obsessed organic, farmer’s market, Whole Foods and Sprouts type gal… I have my vice. BAKING! (I have to add working out is one of them too… but that’s more of a lifestyle.) If you have a vice of any kind you know what I mean. Now, with that said, let’s not confuse this baking vice with a “sweets” “candy” obsession. I actually, surprisingly dislike candy. ha.

So, with today’s blurb I leave you with two awesome treats {spiced up for V-day}, that I know anyone in your life may “die” to try this Feb. 14th.

Here’s the links to heavenly sweet treats made by Lizzy…

1. Red Velvet Puppy Chow – a riskier and loving take on Puppy Chow. (If you have no idea what Puppy Chow is I am sorry …and also grateful to introduce you to the best snack for anywhere and anytime EVER.)


2. ‘His’ Mustache Cupcakes – ‘chocolatey’ yumminess with a little spice of distinguished humor.


Enjoy… and please share with me your thoughts on such wonderful recipes! I’ll be baking these for sure this week!!! Happy share your love day… {almost.} 🙂

#LoveBaking #ShareSweetness


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