Three little words…

Three little words...

 It’s February! My mom’s birth month and of course…yes, it’s that special day of the year where you get to show some extra lovin’ towards those you hold dear to your hearts. The day of love…Saint Valentines day.

 Don’t be scared of this overly commercially manufactured holiday. Yes it can be overdone, but honestly, if you truly hate this holiday you should probably rethink the relationship(s) you are in! This world needs more recognized days of love, courtship, and romance! Don’t hate on love – (nice little oxymoron there.) Take some time to tell those you love how much you cherish them, tell your gf she’s beautiful, bake some cupcakes/goodies for your man. And if you are single… GREAT – go mingle! WITH OTHERS! No one wants to be alone on V-day. Embrace the ONE day you get to focus on sharing the love. Be reminded of why you are who you are and who helped you in this journey! So go spread it! Pay it forward. Celebrate life, celebrate you, and celebrate love! Say those three little words – (and maybe a little something extra – I mean HECK! it’s only one day!)

#Spreadthelove #Loveforever


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