Happiness is available 7 days a week…

Finding Beauty

Balloons, Beach, Beauty, Freedom, Happiness…

A little moral love for the day and something to think on…

In the 28 years I have walked this earth I find that most people work so hard and search so long to find happiness. A universal search amongst us all that honestly in my opinion shouldn’t be so hard!  What is happiness to you? What is beauty? Why are these so misunderstood and misrepresented in today’s society. So many answers, I’m sure. To me being happy makes you beautiful. PERIOD.

This year I choreographed a routine at the dance studio I work for called Finding Beauty. It’s a beautiful dance on external vs. internal beauty and how beauty should be seen from the inside out. Not just what you see in the mirror each day. I think it’s important to teach our youth what beauty is and steer them away from the materialism that drives most of this country!

Clearly, this is impossible to avoid but we can still guide these growing souls in the right direction! I will be the first to admit I feel lost without my iPhone 5, I love my MAC make-up that adds a glow to my face, and I choose to dress trendy and with some flair! (Love me some Burberry and Michael Kors glam!) However, this doesn’t change the way I treat people or the way I see myself.

Happiness is available 7 days a week… find it within and share with the world!

#ForeverHappy #ForeverBeautiful


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